The Story About TSS’ Marketing Transformation Journey

A couple of years ago, we started our marketing transformation journey at TSS. We came to realise that the marketplace was going through big changes and we needed to adapt in order to stay competitive.

A couple of years ago, we started our marketing transformation journey at TSS. Focusing mostly on traditional marketing, such as attending trade shows and making cold calls, we came to realise that the marketplace was going through big changes. It was no longer enough to just have a website and to occasionally meet with our prospects at annual industry events. We needed to be there throughout the whole buyer journey in order to provide help and guidance every step of the way, both in person and online.

Our corporate, and thereby marketing, transformation relies on the golden circle, a theory coined by the famous marketing guru Simon Sinek which states that you should start with the why. So we wanted to move away from lengthy lists of what we do and how we perform compared to competitors, and instead become a market leader by asking ourselves why we exist – what is the true purpose of TSS?

Challenges in the marketplace

The first sign of a changed consumer behavior revealed itself several years ago, when we met with a potential client. We were used to spend the first part of a sales meeting telling our story, but in this case it became expendable: They already knew a lot about our company and our offerings, as they had researched online. We realised then that the buyer journey starts much earlier than we were being used to.

Another eye opener was the high number of persons involved in making a buying decision. In a tender process, we would map out which players who had a saying when selecting vendor, as we wanted to make sure we reached out to the right people. This mapping showed that as many as 70 individuals(!) play a part in this process, either directly or indirectly.

Finally, we work with several big, global pharmaceutical companies and these organizations are often divided into various business units, such as R&D, commercial, etc.  One day we got a phone call from the R&D unit at one of our top customers. They were interested in knowing more about our solution, having researched online to find our website. They did not know that their commercial business unit had already been our customer for more than 10 years. This made us realise that it is not enough to communicate our offering to new customers. We also need to market our solutions to existing customer accounts, as all information is not necessarily exchanged between different business units.

Digital marketing is key moving forward

We asked ourselves; how can a small company such as ours make sure we reach out to all these companies and business units spread out all over the world? That they do not miss out on our offering, just because they do not know we exist? The answer, we realised, is that we need to invest time and resources to build a dependable digital platform. We need to be there from the moment they start their buyer journey online. We need to provide the information, guidance and support they need throughout the entire process, in order to make a profound decision.

In the past year, we have therefore put much focus on rebranding our company and to create a new brand messaging platform. As part of this work, we have launched our new website and we have recently started collaboration with the digital marketing agency Business Reflex. Their mission is to help us accelerate our digital marketing strategy and make sure we will be able to provide our customers with the right information in the right place at the right time. They will also provide competence and capacity that we do not have in-house, so that we will be able to act fast and respond to current events, such as changes in regulations or other important industry news.

With the help from Business Reflex we aim to nurture and expand our existing customer relationships as well as continue to educate the market about how TSS can help pharmaceutical companies transform their supply chain with our world-leading temperature management solution. We will continue doing business with focus on our why. Are you ready to join us?

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