TSS TempTracer H

The TSS TempTracerH is a reliable and accurate logger to monitor temperature and humidity of drugs, to ensure they are safe and compliant on delivery.

A complete shipment record in the cloud

The TempTracerH has “in-built” compliance, as all shipment data is automatically uploaded to the cloud when a user checks a shipment for excursions. This not only ensures regulations are met, but also provides rich data for temperature management analytics.

Key Features

The TSS TempTracerH is available in single or multi-use formats. It monitors drugs across a range of -40 to +85°C and 0-100% RH. Additionally, thanks to its flexible design, it can be launched directly from the TSS shipment application or via the TSS cradle. The TempTracerH is IATA compliant.

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TSS TempTracerH