Clinical Module

The TSS Clinical Module is a technology-agnostic and integration-friendly cloud module, supporting different types of in-transit and storage loggers. It is also integrated with leading RTSM (IWR/IRT) systems and is developed to adapt to evolving technologies over time.

The effective monitoring of temperature throughout the supply chain is of paramount importance in ensuring the safe and protocol-compliant conduct of a clinical trial.  At the same time unpredictable temperature excursions are very common, especially at the later stage of the supply chain. Many are only detected at the clinical site, when it is time to dispense the drug. Each deviation causes the progress of the product along the supply chain to grind to a halt as checks are conducted to make sure it is still suitable to be dispensed. 

During these evaluations, the vast majority of excursions are found to be within the stability budget; the medicines could have been dispensed immediately and the time-consuming evaluation process avoided. This process is neither sustainable nor cost effective.

But now there’s an alternative, TSS Clinical Module.



Excursion management – from days to seconds

Patient safety & effectiveness

Reduce risk of dispensing temperature affected product


Automatic, safe storage of data in cloud application, throughout the trial


Reduce need of extra shipments, minimize wasted products

Sponsor attractiveness

Reduced failed patient visits – keep patients enrolled and treatments to schedules

Learn how clinical trial sponsors saves millions of dollars by replacing manual processes with a digital, automated solution.

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