TSS BLE Solutions

Live and seamless temperature monitoring
for end-to-end supply chain visibility

The future is here. Today.

Removing the manual handling of data loggers saves time, reduces risk of errors and ensures that all data is available when needed.

Powered by Bluetooth low energy technology (BLE), our active data loggers provide automatic data transmission in real-time to TSS Cloud.

Fully digitalizing your temperature monitoring not only boosts operational efficiency, it also enhances quality and ultimately results in better patient safety.

Key benefits

Live data

Through TSS Gateway or the TSS Mobile App you receive an automatic feed of protected, live temperature data during transit and at site.

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TSS Gateway provides global connectivity either over Ethernet, Wi-Fi or cellular network with automatic fail-over if needed.

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All your devices seamlessly interact without manual intervention. Our platform meets all your needs, no matter how long the shipment or mode of transport.

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Designed to minimize the environmental footprint and enabling processes that build towards a leaner, greener future.

TSS BLE solutions - designed for the life science industry


Live and seamless monitoring in transit through wireless communication to TSS Cloud via TSS Gateway or TSS Mobile App.  

Tempmonitor BLE

Seamless monitoring of storage facilities, with temperature data transmitted to TSS Cloud via TSS Gateway or TSS Mobile app, in real-time.

Live and wireless data feed

TSS Gateway collects, processes, and delivers data, in-real-time, from all TSS Bluetooth loggers, ensuring data integrity and securing connectivity via either Ethernet, Wi-Fi or a cellular network to TSS Cloud. It provides a powerful and cost-effective edge network for large-scale and sustainable setup.

Visibility anytime, anywhere

Getting an automatic readout of your temperature data, upload mission data to TSS Cloud, or connecting to your loggers is now as simple as scanning a barcode via your TSS Mobile App.

Get mission status updates directly on your mobile.

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of temperature data automatically uploaded in-transit at sites

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Webinar: Introducing BLE technology for temperature monitoring

Watch on-demand webinar with Nina Nilsson, CRO at TSS, and get introduced to the solution tailored to GxP critical shipments.


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