Transform Your Supply Chain with the World’s Leading Cloud Temperature Management Solution

As the global quality standard in safe and sustainable drug delivery, our cloud Temperature Monitoring solution is used to ensure the safety of millions of patients every day. Our powerful big data driven analytics tools, ensure compliance is met, and help identify lean and sustainable initiatives that save companies millions of dollars annually.

Niclas Ohlsson, CEO

Niclas Ohlsson CEO at TSS

Embrace Your End-to-End Supply Chain Analytics and Insights


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Achieve Compliance

Achieve regulatory compliance – with a transparent record of every shipment in the cloud – and ensure that drugs are delivered safely to every patient.

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Cut Costs

Cut costs by identifying lean initiatives that streamline processes. Analyze data and run pilot tests with smart analytics to achieve measurable business ROI.

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Identify Sustainable Initiatives

Identify and implement sustainable initiatives that reduce waste and over-production, reduce your carbon footprint and save costs.

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