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5 benefits of adopting digital temperature monitoring solutions

Digital temperature monitoring along every step of the pharmaceutical supply chain is quickly becoming the new norm. Government guidelines like the EU’s Good Distribution Practices (GDP) and the guidelines of UK’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) have seen to increased uptake of digital temperature monitoring across the Europe’s pharmaceutical industry. 

The covid-19 pandemic and the race for a vaccine has brought the importance of digital monitoring to the fore. Vaccinesas well as other biologicals and biosimilars, must be stored at specific temperatures to preserve their efficacy. Should the international race for a vaccine succeed, millions of doses will need to be produced and transported under controlled conditions to various parts of the world. 

It cannot be stressed enough that the world cannot afford wasting products due to temperature deviations while delivering the much sought after covid-19 vaccines. The covid-19 pandemic and the near imminent need to activate what will likely be the      world’s most extensive delivery of vaccines, together highlight the urgency of adopting more effective temperature monitoring solutions. We have no time to lose.  

Below are some benefits companies in the pharmaceutical industry stand to gain by adopting digital temperature monitoring solutions. 

1 Enhanced Supply Chain Visibility  

Digital temperature monitoring solutions, like TSS cloud-based solution have the capacity to record data of vastly improved quality. The combination of rich data sets, powerful analytics tools, and intuitive reports enable you to compare and analyze your supply chain. As Niclas Ohlsson, CEO of TSS, points out, data collected with the facilitation of a digital system give a full view of the supply chain, providing an unprecedented opportunity to understand interactions, dependencies, and constraints along the chain. Insight from this data can be harnessed to refine the efficiency, cost, and sustainability of the supply chain, potentially reducing operational times and cost. 

2 Transform End-to-End Drug Delivery  

With cloud-based temperature monitoring, you can track the distribution of drugs meant for clinical trials or direct-to-patient delivery along every step of the journey to its destination. Gone are the days when critical temperature-changing or integrity altering incidents could occur unnoticed and unmitigated. The data collected by using temperature monitoring digitallyhelp to flag such incidents quickermake fact based decisions on excursions and mitigate measures activated to not only ensure safe delivery but also assess that the drugs delivered are safe for use.  

3 Evaluation times reduced to zero 

Evaluation and notification are necessary steps for determining if and what action should be taken if temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products spend time outside acceptable temperatures during transit. Cloud-based digital temperature monitoring solutions, such as the one provided by TSS, are able to drastically reduce the time it takes to evaluate temperature deviations and speeding up notification times within the window of time when critical decisions can be taken. Lars Norbert of Novo Nordisk notes that prior to their adoption of TSS’ automated and digital monitoring solution, Clinical Module “…it would take days to get this process and evaluate it, and now we’re down to seconds…” 

4 Towards a sustainable supply chain 

Imagine having to discard a large shipment of Covid-19 vaccines or insulin because a temperature deviation was observed during transit, rendering the entire stock unsafe for use. Imagine, also, that duplicate shipments of vaccines were delivered because an initial shipment was wrongly deemed unfit for use, necessitating the delivery of an excess second shipment, which may have to be discarded.  

Insiders of the pharmaceutical industry are familiar with these scenarios and the monumental costs companies involved stand to incur. 

Access to comprehensive data through cloud-based temperature management solutions help pharma companies to significantly reduce the possibility of such waste by improving supply chain efficiency. As an example, using the TSS cloud temperature monitoring solution and data loggers from TSS, GlaxoSmithKline has saved £4 million annually.  

5 Access to customized monitoring solutions 

Generic solutions are sometimes not ideal for specific pharmaceutical supply chains. Not only do pharmaceutical supply chains vary depending on the drug involved, but there are also often other relevant factors peculiar to a supply chain which are related to transit routestransit terrains, etc. This is where customized monitoring solutions come into play. 

We go beyond providing generic temperature monitoring solutions. Working with pharma for pharma, in close collaboration with some of the world leading pharmaceutical companies, we have developed customized cloud-based digital monitoring solutions suited to the specifics of a particular pharmaceutical supply chain. TSS and Novo Nordisk recently collaborated on a digital, automated temperature monitoring solution, the Clinical Module which, in collaboration with relevant staff at Novo Nordisk, was easy to deploy and manage. The importance of this ease of use cannot be overstated as time and resources which would otherwise have been spent on training and onboarding activities have instead, been conserved. 

In many ways, digital temperature management igrowing in the pharmaceutical industry and in the era of covid-19, it is plain to see why. The good news is that finding an ideal solution for your company is now much easier than before. To find out just how easy it can be to start the digitalization and transformation of your supply chain, schedule a consultation meeting with us today.