Meet Nebe Almayahi, Regional Manager Middle East

Nebe Almayhayi was introduced to TSS already in 2015 when she was working in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as a Consultant at Business Sweden. Today Nebe is located in Dubai and works as Regional Manager covering the Middle East region.

In this blog post series, you get to meet some of the people behind TSS. We’ll find out what brought them to the company and what a typical (or unusual) day at work looks like. And of course, what makes it such an amazing place to work. Let us introduce to you, Nebe Almayahi – Regional Manager of the Middle East territory.

Nebe was introduced to TSS already in 2015 when she was working in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as a Consultant at Business Sweden, the trade section of the Swedish Embassy. One of the main purposes of Business Sweden is to help Swedish companies grow their global sales and establish their business on foreign markets, and Nebe got in touch with TSS during one of these projects; “I was responsible for the healthcare sector at Business Sweden and got deeply involved in a project with TSS. For almost two years I worked closely with the CEO and some of my colleagues to be, and I really got to know both the TSS solution and the people.”, Nebe says.

Ready to take the next step

When Nebe got the opportunity to join TSS in UAE, she did not hesitate; “After several years of consulting I was ready to take the next step in my career. As an external consultant you’re only a small piece of the big puzzle and I knew I wanted to be part of the whole process and to specialize in one specific field. As I thrive working with healthcare, joining TSS was an excellent chance to keep doing so in an exciting and fast-growing company”, Nebe explains.

Strengthening TSS’ position on the UAE market

Today Nebe is located in Dubai and works as Regional Manager covering the Middle East region. Her role is very similar to that of a Business Developer, as it includes identifying new business opportunities, building key customer relationships, and strengthening TSS’ position in the region. “I work mainly with organisations like the United Nations Humanitarian Response Depot (UNHRD) and the World Food Programme, as well as the public sector, such as the Ministry of Health and Prevention. It’s an exciting role and the days are varied”.

Compared to her colleagues Ivan and Kjell, Nebe does not get to meet the rest of the team on a daily basis, since she is the only one located in the UAE. She spends most of her time on the run, meeting clients and prospects, but being alone is however none of Nebe’s concern; “It can be challenging sometimes but I have close contact with my colleagues at the head office in Stockholm. Also, I get in contact with people everyday meeting with different departments and visiting customer sites. I regard my clients as my colleagues as well”, Nebe adds with a smile.

Valuing a diverse business culture

Working in the UAE is somewhat different compared to working at the Stockholm office. With more than 200 nationalities living in the country, representing a wide variety of cultures, doing business can be challenging in several ways. Nebe thrives in the area though and enjoys the fact that people are tolerant and open-minded; “There is no “We’ve always done it this way” mentality here, but instead people are generally more open to new ideas and partnerships. This innovative and cooperative mindset fits very well with TSS approach, as we believe in challenging the status quo and nurturing strong partnerships”, Nebe explains.

Big in Japan

When working in the UAE, almost anything can happen. A while ago, Nebe visited the United Nations office to educate one of their representatives in the TSS solution. Suddenly the door flew open and a big camera team entered the room, asking for permission to record the training session. “It was a big team from Japan that was making a documentary about the United Nations and their work. I never got to see the final result, but I heard from our customer representative that it had been broadcasted on national television in Japan. Now, that is something that doesn’t happen every day”, Nebe adds, laughing.

Safe drugs for everyone

On the question what she likes most about her work, Nebe replies: “My colleagues, no doubt. Although I don’t get to meet them everyday, we support and help each other out. And of course, our solution and the fact that we make a difference. No matter who you are or where you are from, you deserve a safe medicine, and this is something that our solution help facilitate”, Nebe concludes.

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