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Innovation flourishes when different perspectives meet  

Moving to Stockholm’s new innovation and life science cluster in Hagastaden was a conscious choice for us at TSS. Hagastaden is growing fast and is fast becoming one of the most vibrant parts of the inner city. The life science cluster will bring us closer to our clients and facilitate even greater collaboration. Being part of a hub where industry meets academia will promote exchanges and inspiration between disciplines – a strong foundation for our business and most importantly, for the patients we work for.  

Pre-loved furniture  

To create the ideal working environment, we needed the right furniture. We decided that second-hand (or pre-loved) furniture was the way to go. We chose furniture from the local suppliers, one of them being Rekomo – and this partnership would prove essential to the success of the project. Rekomo’s flexible solutions and great furniture made the choice easy. We were able to buy used furniture in perfect condition and at the same time sell off some of our old furniture to Rekomo to be restored and sold. This ecosystem goes well with our sustainable ambitions.  

Clean desks 

Having clean desks in the new office isn’t just because we like to keep things neat and minimalist, but because we made a conscious choice to reduce waste, promote sustainability and wherever possible, keep things digital, while at the same time we safeguard the confidentiality of our clients. At TSS, our work revolves around the cloud, hence it is only natural that we all operate there.  

We hope to be able to welcome you in Hagastaden soon.