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How live access to GxP data support supply chain best practices?

For companies in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry, GxP data is critical element of supply chain best practices.  Indeed, there is hardly any requirement, from visibility to synchronized logistics, which does not rely on accessing the right data. 

Industry watchers have also observed that since 2015, pharma regulators have intensified their focus on GxP data and data integrity during inspections. 


Temperature Monitoring experts have had to rise to the challenge of creating solutions that accommodate the criticality of GxP data in a cost-effective wayIn keeping with recent technology trends, they have turned to cloud-based and digital solutions. However, innovative data management solutions for the pharma industry must do more than leverage the efficiencies afforded by cloud computing. They should also be developed in close collaboration with the companies they are designed to serve so data can be used to for supply chain effectiveness. 


With 20 years experience developing solutions for the life sciences industry, TSS has consistently worked with leading pharma companies to develop products that have become an industry standard. Our cloud solution for monitoring temperature which is based on powerful data analytics has been adopted by 4 of the 10 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, making it an excellent case-in point for the benefits of cloud-based solutions developed with consideration for the processes and strategic priorities of pharma supply chain and companies. 

As an example, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) turned to the TSS Cloud Solution and TSS data loggers with impressive results. Here are some reasons why your company should start the automation and digitalization of your supply chain: 


TSS’ Cloud Solution is built to collect, store and provide access to critical data anytime, anywhere. Data on temperature, humidity, vibration, and light exposure can be recorded ensuring compliance with ALCOA and ALCOA+ protocols. 

Live access to GxP Supply Chain data through TSS’ cloud temperature monitoring solution is crucial to GSK and our global partners every day, said GSK’s Technical Services Manager, Supply Chain Logistics, Tim Wood. 


Core to thefficiency dividend made possible by TSS’ Cloud Solution is the fact that all data collected by loggers are stored in the cloud where they can easily be accessed for optimal transparency and end-to-end supply chain visibility. The availability of the right data at the right time means we can ensure life-saving treatments are released to patients without delay, affirms Tim Wood. 

TSS’ Cloud Solution also provides data driven support for agile, risk-based supply chain management. When GSK wanted a software solution for their risk-based temperature monitoring which requires automatic stability testing after every excursion, they turned to TSS. Thanks to the effectiveness of TSS’ Cloud Solution, GSK has successfully implemented their risk-based model, leading to significant gains in efficiency and cost management. 


GSK has saved ₤4 million every year since adopting TSS’ Cloud Solution. These cost savings, resulting from the efficiency gains highlighted above, have contributed to making GSK’s operations more sustainable while also freeing up resources for investment in R&D. Furthermore, by virtue of being cloud based, TSS’ cloud solution may require less investment in expensive hardwarealso leading to additional cost savings. 


TSS’ Cloud Solution has the in-built Temperature Management Analytics feature which enables pharma operators adopt a proactive, predictive approach to sustainability planningPowerful comparative analyses and actionable insights provided by the system help to identiftrends and assist pharma companies in making fact-based decisions on things like which shipment routes, modes of transportationand packaging to use for optimal supply chain performance. 

The race is on to make pharma supply chains more efficient and effective. But the reality is that no one size fits all because no two supply chains are completely alike. The unique nature of each supply chain demands that relevant GxP data be made accessible at the click of a button to facilitate better decision making. This is precisely where the TSS Cloud Temperature Monitoring Solution can help. 

 To find out how the TSS Cloud-based solution can improve supply chain management for your company, request a free consultation today.