COVID-19 Situation

The effects of the coronavirus outbreak are escalating daily and is first and foremost a human tragedy, affecting hundreds of thousands of people. This statement reflects our perspective and the possible impact on our ability to supply as of March 16, 2020. TSS is closely monitoring developments around the novel coronavirus outbreak and we will continue to update you on the situation as it pertains to our business. 

At present we have no supply disruption and the company operates without any impact on daily business. We have material in stock to continue to maintain delivery reliability.

Niclas Ohlsson, CEO TSS

We are taking the situation seriously and are focusing our efforts in minimizing the risk on future impact on business operations. We take several actions to support the national and international efforts to even out the spread over time and protect risk groups in the community.  Our contingency plans and activities are centered around the following areas: 


    • The management team meet daily to assess the situation and take measures as deemed necessary based on the latest published information.
    • We follow the guidelines of leading global and local governmental, health and work environment authorities. 


    • We currently have no employees known to be affected by the virus. 
    • Employees who can perform their work duties from home are encouraged to do so.
    • Meetings are primarily held as video conference, travel is restricted.
    • New safety measurements by anyone receiving goods from external sources.
    • TSS premises have been equipped with additional disinfectant supplies and routines for use, in addition to daily extra cleaning and disinfection.


    • TSS is operating with a structured Supply Chain Risk Management process and are prepared to manage emergency situations as best as possible. 
    • We are closely monitoring our supplier’s abilities to supply components for our production. We currently have no delays or component shortage. 
    • We demand and review contingency plans from our critical suppliers. 
    • We have currently no disruption in delivering to planned destinations. 


    • We more often than ordinary ask for a forecast update from customer. This is simply to ensure that we will be able to support any fluctuation in supply needs and ensure business continuity. 


    • TSS is financially stable, and we currently don’t foresee any major disruption to our business due to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Finally, we are humble to the fact that we are currently part of one of the most important functions in the world. Securing the supply chain of pharmaceuticals, vaccines and other medical supplies and ensuring its integrity is of highest importance in situations like the one we are in now. 

Stay safe!

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