Cell and Gene Therapy East Coast 2019: Insight sharing and knowledge curation

We have two delegates from TSS currently on their way to Boston, where the Cell and Gene Therapy Strategic Meeting will take place this week.

We have two delegates from TSS currently on their way to Boston, where the Cell and Gene Therapy Strategic Meeting will take place this week. The participants in this event are C-level representatives from some of the most important players in the area of Cell and Gene Therapy worldwide, sharing their valuable experiences and best practices on cell and gene therapy.

Taking part in the discussions is crucial for us at TSS, as we are developing our range of services to keep up with the development in this very interesting branch of Pharmacology.

An area of interest

The research about gene therapy has developed a lot over the years, and we are at the verge of understanding and finding a cure to many forms of diseases and conditions that are inherited from parent to child. Cell therapy is therapy in which cellular material, which often means living cells, is injected, grafted or implanted into a patient.

But some challenges exist, both in terms of manufacturing and predicting the global market needs, as well as finding suitable supply chain solutions. The substances in question are fragile and submissive to temperature fluctuations during transport, which means that there is a demand for intelligent packaging and cold chain monitoring solutions.

Using high standards to meet high demands

TSS’ cloud solution is used to ensure the safety of millions of patients every day. With big data-driven analytics tools, we ensure that compliance is met, and help identify sustainable initiatives that save companies millions of dollars annually. We help companies to stay compliant with drug monitoring regulation, while minimizing administrative paperwork and attaining one-click access to specific data, in systems tailored for their specific needs.

Just like the pharmaceutical business, we are constantly evolving. We continuously develop our range of services and products to match the needs and requirements of the market. In order to stay ahead of the game, we work closely with our client companies and innovative research and tech organizations, to get first-hand information about new technology that could be applicable to temperature monitoring and supply chain development.

Come see us in Boston or get in touch

Please get in touch if this is an area that you would like us to tell you more about, and in case you are among the participants of the Boston event, we would be thrilled to get your thoughts and reactions!

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