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The next step to automating clinical trials

TSS has spent the past 20 years working with some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies to help them deliver drugs safely to patients. Temperature management is critical when it comes to ensuring patient safety in clinical development, but we continue to use legacy point solutions that require heavy manual processes and duplication of data. [...]
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Making the pharma industry future-proof through supply chain digitalization

Supply chain digitalization, or rather digital transformation, provides a path to sustainable solutions for many of the challenges in managing the pharmaceutical industry’s supply chain such as compliance, traceability, end-to-end visibility, error-reduction, quality assurance and process efficiencies.   Supply chain digitalization also prepares pharma companies for a future where the impact of disruptive technologies and events will likely bring new problems and opportunities. For instance, the covid-19 pandemic, which has challenged the pharma industry by disrupting supply chains while also creating [...]
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How live access to GxP data support supply chain best practices?

For companies in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry, GxP data is a critical element of supply chain best practices.  Indeed, there is hardly any requirement, from visibility to synchronized logistics, which does not rely on accessing the right data.  Industry watchers have also observed that since 2015, pharma regulators have intensified their focus on GxP data and data integrity during inspections.  RISING TO THE GxP CHALLENGE  Temperature Monitoring experts have [...]
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Technology Agnostic Platform for great Temperature Management data

Many pharmaceutical companies rely on data loggers to monitor sensitive medical shipments. Until now though, compatibility between different models has proven elusive. In one of our latest white paper, written and published by World Pharmaceutical Frontiers, Niclas Ohlsson, CEO at TSS, explains how our Cloud Solution provides Temperature Management Data to ensures interoperability and actionable [...]
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How to survive as a CRO/CMO/CDMO in the Life Science Industry

Providers in the industry, need to adapt or fear being left behind.
As the Contract Manufacturing Trend Report by Clarkston Consulting predicts, contract manufacturers that differentiate their offerings and
capabilities will have a much better chance to retain their customers and grow their business within this increasingly competitive marketplace

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Collect all your data in the cloud for Temperature Monitoring

Do you want all the data, or just a parts of it? That is one of the questions that you should ask yourself when looking into different solutions for monitoring your temperature controlled shipments. Why so? you may ask. With + 20 years of experience working closely with global life science companies we know that first when you collect all your temperature data, you get a holistic picture of your supply chain.

Sales Manager Europe,
Johan Stormlund