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The next step to automating clinical trials

TSS has spent the past 20 years working with some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies to help them deliver drugs safely to patients.

Temperature management is critical when it comes to ensuring patient safety in clinical development, but we continue to use legacy point solutions that require heavy manual processes and duplication of data. However, there are new solutions that digitize manual processes, resulting in reduced site burden, timely kit level data for study teams, and ensuring safe delivery right to the patient.

Automating Clinical Trials

“You can say that if you meet all the needs of clinical you would meet all the needs of commercial, but you can’t say the inverse – you can’t say that if you meet all commercial needs, you’d satisfy all the regulatory requirements of a clinical setting.”

So argues Evan Hahn, VP of TSS North America, making the point that perhaps we’re guilty of offering similar solutions for both clinical and commercial distribution streams when their requirements – although they share certain elements – are ultimately different.

Download this article published at the Clinical Trials Insights magazine where Evan Hahn, VP TSS North America, Tobias Holmer CPO at TSS, and Cat Hall, VP of Clinical Innovation and Quality at Endpoint Clinical discuss how automating Clinical Trials and tight technical integrations are key to increase the rate of successful outcomes of clinical trials, while also speeding up the whole clinical process.