Streamlining the Clinical Trial Supply Chain

TSS together with The Coghlan Group

sponsored the 4th Biologistics Summit in San Francisco, CA.
The summit focused  on the storage, handling, and distribution of biologic based
products and materials as  they move through the commercial and
clinical trial supply chain and gathers professionals from  forward-thinking
pharma, biotech, academic, and research organizations.

In 2014, TCG was wrapping up a global Phase 3 clinical study that consisted of
approximately 8,000 temperature-monitored shipments.
When the sponsor requested them to collect and store all outstanding data from the
investigational sites, it became evident that many sites were not returning the
temperature files in a timely manner, if at all.

Therefore it was a significant effort to retrieve the outstanding temperature
records across hundreds of sites. To increase compliance, efficiency and visibility,
TCG decided to work with TSS and their IWRS provider to develop a barcode
solution that was printed on each shipment request, automatically tying the
temperature data back to a specific drug unit or kit number. All data captured
is stored in a global data base, meaning that the involved parties can access
the data from anywhere, at any time.

At the upcoming summit in San Francisco, John R. Davis, Global Project
Manager at TCG, will tell TCG’s story and share their experiences and
learnings. Davis will also showcase some concrete benefits that TSS’
solution has resulted in, both from a compliance and business perspective.

“By having integrated with TSS’ cloud based system and data loggers,
we have been able to provide added value to our customers in the
form of an advanced service offering and competitive differentiation
in the clinical supply chain”, said Davis.

TCG – The Coghlan Group

The Coghlan Group is a US company that was founded by experienced clinical
supply professionals to provide the global pharmaceutical research industry with a
reliable source for the storage, distribution, preparation, packaging/labeling and
randomization of clinical trial materials.



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