Benefits of Capturing all Shipping Data in the Cloud

Many pharma companies today do not capture all of their temperature shipping data. Most firms only record the records stated to be out of range. This short guide shows you some of the benefits of caring for all of your data – not just the bad ones.

Holistic picture

Let’s face the facts, first when you have all of the data at hand you can get a holistic picture of your supply chain. If one only cares for reporting the bad data, i.e. the shipments that have been out of range, you don’t have the same possibilities to do trend analyses, forecasts, and subsequently make improvements to your supply chain. Having all of this data accessible in the cloud does not make things more complicated.

100 percent certainity

If you receive a PDF only when an excursion has occurred, you’re missing a giant piece of your logistics puzzle. First, when you have all of the data, you can be 100% sure which shipments have been out of range and which ones are good to go. Who knows? Maybe you just got notified of 85 % of the excursions, while the remaining 15% got lost in the clutter on your colleague’s desk?

Proof of control

Being able to show a complete set of data records has proven to be highly appreciated when regulatory agencies come to visit. The reason is that having all of the data at hand serves as proof that you are in control of your operations and that you have full visibility. Sooner or later this will be required rather than “only” favorable, so why not be proactive?

Improved inspections

Another thing that regulatory agencies favor for inspection reasons is to have all of the data records accessible in a cloud database. This way, they can easily login and access the data themselves, supporting visibility and transparency. This is of course beneficial for you as company as well; you don’t have to waste time looking for pdf-files locally stored on your computer, in your email inbox, or piled up at your office desk – all you need is a login.

Delivering certificate

Capturing and securing the data for all shipments provides you with a certificate on which shipments that have actually been received at the receiving site. In other words, no need for delivery confirmations from third suppliers as everything is captured and reported in the same system, in the cloud.

Assured Pateint Safety

Last, but certainly not least, capturing the data for all of your shipments means that you can be 100% sure about the status of your products. In other words, you can be 100% sure that the patient, at the end of the day, will take a safe drug. If that is not your top priority, then what is?