Setting the Standard

Global quality control for safe and
sustainable end-to-end drug delivery

"Patient safety is extremely important to us, which is why world-leading life science companies put their trust in TSS to consistently set the quality control standard for safe and sustainable end-to-end drug delivery.

"For the past 20 years we have worked closely with life science companies to develop a solution that meets their global needs, and helps them overcome new challenges in a fast-moving digital world. Today, our cloud temperature management solution is used to monitor the safe delivery of drugs, while our rich analytics tools provide unique insights into supply chain operations. With these powerful capabilities, companies can meet compliance, and identify and implement lean and sustainable initiatives across the supply chain. Ultimately they gain benefits that save them time, money and help protect the planet."


”The quality control standard for safe and sustainable end-to-end drug delivery”

"When you partner with TSS you get a temperature management solution that can be tailored to your operations and your needs. You get a team of experts on your side that has experience from millions of successful missions for over 20,000 users in 100 plus countries. And you get people who are innovative and passionate about patient safety and a sustainable planet.

"You get the TSS standard, the only standard you will ever need."

Niclas Ohlsson TSS CEO

The Future-proof Solution

With TSS you can monitor drugs as they travel from the lab to the last mile.
The future-proof solution is already being used by life science companies around the world to monitor drugs in real-time, and with Mean Kinetic Temperature (MKT). And, it’s no longer just about temperature management. In the TSS Incident Management application you can log any type of excursion such as light, humidity, tampering, damage, or vibration.
The TSS cloud management solution is built for the future, and for assured delivery of drugs to patients.

The Power of People and the Power of Data

At TSS we believe in the power of people and the power of data.
At the core of our operations are our core values.
We believe in COLLABORATION, because our company’s success is built on the close relationship we have with our clients and partners. We always act RESPONSIBLY; this drives us to ensure patient safety comes first while, at the same time, deliver solutions that improve sustainability. We are INNOVATIVE, it’s what our customers expect from us, and it’s what motivates us everyday when we come to work. We deliver QUALITY products and services that our customer can rely on.

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